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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if my child needs educational psychological testing?

If you recognize your child as exhibiting behaviors that may be limiting his or her potential to succeed in school, either socially, emotionally, behaviorally, or academically, then getting a through personalized assessment can provide you with realistic expectations.

If your child continues to make grades below average, or struggles to progress in any specific area, then ed psych testing can help illuminate any learning challenges. 

What will testing results do for my child if they suggest learning disability and if they do not suggest disability?

This may be the key question. Results suggesting a learning disability can prompt the learning support teachers at your school to begin implementing specific strategies supported by research to maintain appropriate challenges and drive progress in weak areas. 

Results and Recommendations can also guide your own supports you have for your child at home. 

How do I know what tests my child needs?

Too many teachers and parents untrained in psychological diagnostics assume too much about a child without specific data. Your responses in our consultation will help STEPS make a recommendation for which tests your child needs.

How long will it take to get the tests done, and how long after the tests will I recevie my child's report?

Arranging the travel can take between a few days to a few weeks. STEPS will likely have a relationship with your school and have a pre-arranged time to come visit the school and serve any needs the community has for psychological testing. STEPS is likely to come twice per year, to conduct assessments or followup reviews of student progress.

After the test, reports and recommendations will be packaged for you within 1 week after complete payment. 

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