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With over 17 years experience in international schools, we have realized the importance of detailed and accurate diagnostic reports to support parents, learning support teams and teachers.


STEPS was created to provide necessary psycho-educational testing, tutoring, university application guidance, and in-service professional development to students and international schools. We want to provide our clients with convenience and professional services bespoke to their communities that international schools and families need.

STEPS strongly believes in the value of taking these steps together, as taking that first step to get proper assessments can be invaluable in informing teachers' instruction, explaining any delays in growth, and directing the way forward with individualized psychological reports and learning plans. Getting the right tutor to help students through challenging content is now made reliable and quality controlled. Navigating the university application process has never been made easier until STEPS partnered with experienced international university applications experts. Schools seeking inclusion and adaptive teaching training and in-service for their staff with an experienced Special Education teacher and senior leadership administrator can now trust STEPS to deliver high quality training in practical and research-driven best practice training. 

Jarred Blackmer, Ed.D., M.Ed.


Jarred Blackmer

Jarred Blackmer holds a Doctorate in Educational Psychology, a Master's in Special Education, and a valid license to operate as an international special education and student evaluator and inclusion consultant. He is accredited by the British Psychological Society for administering psycho-educational examinations. He is experienced with identifying and triangulating barriers to learning across a wide range of disabilities and exceptionalities. He has lived and worked in the U.S., Eastern Europe, China and the Middle East. His services can provide schools and families sources and solutions to a student's unproductive behaviors, apparent stagnation in academic progress, and the necessary steps to the most appropriate academic pathway.


With his experience as a primary, middle school and high school classroom teacher, special educator and director of whole-school curriculum and learning support departments, Dr. Blackmer is sensitive to the needs of international schools and families with exceptional children. He is determined to fulfill those needs with reliable and professional assessment and training services.

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